Call It Quits

Call It Quits


LYRICS:  Couldn’t believe you if I tried, won’t even look me in the eye, & if you did I’d have to lie, because you know it’s never fine, & if you could just take the time, because we ain’t seeing eye to eye, you know this shit ain’t going to fly so close to the fan.  Everyone knows that the ceiling could never be high enough to keep up with where your head’s been.  To tell you the truth, I’ve grown so tired, & I’m really just sick of this.  So who’s going to be the first one to call it quits?

INTERPRETATION:  The canons of modern day pop music are replete with love songs; narratives detailing the subject of falling into, being within, & aching without love.  But few concern themselves with the wearisome reality regarding the fall out of love.  Sometimes the descent is guillotine quick, & then sometimes it’s painfully prolonged; the proverbial snail across a razorblade.  French existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre described this drawn-out dirge of resentment & self-deception as an act of bad faith, in the sense that individuals willingly deny their authenticity in order to save face in light of social constructs & misguided values.  Sometimes, the most ethical route towards truth is through the exit.

INSPIRATION:  Melodically, Call It Quits was influenced by the works of yet another Seattle-based indie folk troubadour, Rocky Votolato.  His penchant for raw acoustic arrangements paired with oft-urgent vocals engendered a fitting tonal template with which to approach the subject matter.

INSIGHT:  Call It Quits is arguably Shadowlands’ most rhythmic composition, largely thanks to bass guitar tracks courtesy of Atlanta singer-songwriter Michael Levine.  Initially, the song was intended to have more of an ambient Radiohead-esque cadence, but Matt & I couldn’t quite find the right fit for that particular mood.  After scrapping a few attempts, we sent the song over to Michael in hopes that his perspective would lend us a new direction – which it most certainly did.  Levine took vibes coldly abstract & shaped them into rhythms infused with Latin & salsa flourishes.  This turn of tone led to an onslaught of percussive elements to be added into the production.  Having been a fan of Michael’s music for years, it was such an honor to have him contribute to mine.  Definitely one of Shadowlands’  highlights for me personally.


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