I’m a nearly thirtysomething year old suburbanized white male living in the Metro Atlanta area, who works as an IT Professional by day, & as a music/film junkie by night (& occasionally as a Malaysian Civil War Reenactment enthusiast on weekends!)

The majority of my spare time, energy, & money is spent obsessing over music & film, be it through means of creating, listening, viewing, collecting, analyzing, et cetera…

In other words, if it’s a verb suffixed with “ing”, it’s likely applicable to my relationship with music & film, among other questionable divertissements including philosophy, psychology, & science.

So, to make a short story long, I basically figured the Facebooks, Twitters, & Instagrams of the world weren’t narcissistic enough, hence the obvious need for a destination devoted solely to my every whimsical indulgence.

I’ll use this interweb real estate to spout off at length about what films I’ve been watching, what records I’ve been listening to, what songs I’ve been writing, what concerts I’ve recently attended, what dreams I’ve been having, & yes, even the profoundly pointless philosophical ramblings I’ve been mulling over – which of course will be best digested with an adult beverage of sorts, like freshly squeezed tuna can juice or motor oil – which will also be thoroughly examined here.

My intention with this site is to horde an unpertinent plethora of pontification which leaves you angrily thinking:


You have my advanced condolences.


~Chase Fiorenza (aka G0LDEN BEAR)


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