Uploads, Downloads, Eastloads, Westloads, etc.



Thanks to everyone who downloaded the Shadowlands single I posted last week via Bandcamp.  In case you missed it, the On Our Way bundle is available here for $5, which includes the single, its 2 demo versions, & 8 live demos from Shadowlands pre-production.  Each track is also available for download individually.

In addition to that, I’ve also made my collection of sample/loop-based instrumental demos & remixes available for download.  The instrumental tracks are comprised from various loop & sample-based files via Logic Studio Pro & Garage Band, in addition to my own sound design.  All 20 songs are available here as a digital album for $10, or individually for a dollar.

The Remixes album is free for download here, & is mostly comprised of traditional track stem/seed file remixes, in addition to original reinterpretations of source material from artists including Björk, Nine Inch Nails, Bon Iver, & many more.

Thanks for listening!


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